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Years in the making, and after much input from membership, AAMA has recently revised its website. The new format offers a cleaner view and easier user navigation and an up-to-date appearance. The Resources page is a great place to start, as it is home to a collection of materials ranging from technical articles to instructional brochures to meeting presentations. The information found here is valuable not only to AAMA members and industry employees, but also to homeowners or non-technical audiences.

Looking a bit deeper into what the Resources page has to offer, and from a member’s perspective, I find the AAMA Event Resources and Webinars on Demand sections to be very useful.

Members who attend AAMA conferences know how these events have more to offer than often can be seen at one time. Even with the revised AAMA conference format it is not always possible to participate in each meeting of interest, particularly if you are the only representative from your company in attendance. Having access to agendas, meeting minutes and presentations, via the “AAMA Event Resources” page, is very beneficial. Knowing that this information is readily accessible before and after a conference allows for focus on the discussion or presentation at hand and less on taking copious notes along the way. Following up on post-conference action items and reporting is easier when event materials can be looked up online. Being able to pass along presentations, in part or whole, makes it easy to communicate internally to those who are not able to attend AAMA conferences. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be logged in to view event materials.

Similarly, the Webinars on Demand section allows access to information previously presented either for review, or for the first time if scheduling conflicts prevented attendance during the original broadcast. Webinar links can also be shared with company members or customers who may have an interest in a subject presented. Webinar topics widely vary from general, industry related matters to specific, technical items. There is likely something of interest in this section regardless of your company or industry role. Some webinars are available exclusively to members (yet another reason to join), while others are open to anyone who visits the site.

These are only two of the couple of handfuls of subjects covered by the Resources page on AAMA’s new website. I encourage you to click on it today and see what it has to offer.