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The AAMA website has several resources for your customer service representatives. These easy-to-access web pages provide homeowners with a third-party resource to explain air infiltration and indoor condensation, and also answer common questions about residential windows.

I have used the indoor condensation reference on many occasions to answer questions that I have received from our dealers and homeowners. Indoor condensation is one of the more misunderstood phenomena and can become a source of frustration when new energy efficient windows and doors are installed. The indoor condensation resource offers an objective third party explanation that has helped to resolve the homeowner and dealer concerns.

Indoor Condensation

Do your customer service representatives need a resource to help homeowners understand condensation? AAMA has a friendly URL at Not only does the page help to define condensation and how things like relative humidity and dew point can play a role in condensation, it also includes an easy reference chart for recommended indoor relative humidity based on outdoor air temperature. There are even tips on how to reduce condensation.

Air Infiltration

This page defines air infiltration and explains how residential fenestration products are affected. It also has helpful information about contributing factors, such as location of the home as well as placement of the windows throughout. Details regarding the testing that fenestration products are put through to meet industry requirements is also available. The FAQ section offers further explanation of this topic. When you are talking to customers, an easy-to-remember URL is also available for this page,

Common Questions about Residential Windows

A recent overhaul to the Residential Window Council web pages now includes a resource of Common Questions about Residential Windows. This provides the benefits to residential windows including not only architectural beauty, but also energy efficiency, daylighting and natural ventilation. An easy way to access this information is to visit the council’s web page at

Upcoming Updated Care and Maintenance Brochure

The AAMA marketing team is currently updating the care and maintenance brochure coming in 2018 to the AAMA website. The Caring for Your Windows, Doors and Skylights brochure provides tips on proper care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance of these products. In addition to the new web page, the updated brochure will be available with personalization options for handing out to customers. This is a benefit exclusive to AAMA members.

All of these pages are valuable resources for your company’s customer service representatives when providing guidance to homeowners, giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions about fenestration needs in their home.

Visit the AAMA website to access these beneficial features.