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The AAMA Member Directory is a helpful networking tool for members and gives consumers easy access to your business contact information. In this area, site visitors can search by business name or keyword. AAMA members can see even more information about your company as well. You can also search for individuals of a member company which is helpful when connecting for committee and task group work or simply building relationships with peers. Be sure you are logged in to take full advantage of all the content available exclusively to members.

The initial results on the member directory page show a listing of all AAMA members. There is a dropdown menu you can use to change search criteria, either by keyword or business name, also you can get a current listing of new members. Let’s take a quick look at what is available for you to identify as an AAMA member company.

Company Listing

In the search results view, you will see the companies listed in alphabetical order, a brief description of what they specialize in, their location by city and state, and when they joined the association.

Business Overview

Once you choose a member to view, you will see their business level contact information (phone numbers, website link, mailing address), as well as any social media links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). This is a terrific way for consumers to reach your company by whichever communication preference they choose. So be sure to provide your social media links to AAMA’s membership department or your company’s main contact can update this information right on the AAMA website themselves!

Is your company part of AAMA’s Product Certification Program? If so, there’s a link on your profile denoting that. Plus, the Certified Products Directory is a convenient way for site visitors to search for your products.


As you scroll past the company overview, you will see several tabs. One tab you will find here is called “Members,” which is only available to AAMA members. This is where you will be able to locate an individual that you would like to get in touch with about a project or a committee you are both working on. The individuals are listed in alphabetical order by last name with their business title and a link to their contact information.

Do you need to reach out to another member? If you click on an individual, this is where you will find the contact information (phone numbers, email address, mailing address) and any social media links that have been provided to AAMA. Be sure to keep this information up-to-date through your Dashboard so that other members can communicate with you.

Could you spot that member in a crowd? One of the most notable profile features is the individual’s photo. If you have either provided AAMA with a professional headshot or had one taken at a recent AAMA event, we will add it here. This makes networking that much easier when you can put a face with a name.

Was your company a sponsor of a recent AAMA event? There is a tab that shows your involvement here, too. These are listed by event and the level of sponsorship is indicated.

Do individuals from your company have FenestrationMasters® credentials? There are tabs for this as well. You will see all the employees (along with a link to their contact information) from your organization that have received their FenestrationMaster® or FenestrationAssociate® professional certification.

As you can see, AAMA’s Member Directory is a valuable resource for all members that makes it convenient to stay in touch with other members and your customers.

I invite you to visit to access these beneficial website features.