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John Moore, Vice President – Marketing for GED Integrated Solutions, provides the vision and leadership to ensure that the marketing strategies and programs align with the corporate objectives while providing a positive ROI for the company. Additionally, he provides strategy direction and guidance on several corporate programs. Today, AAMA spoke with him about his work in the industry as a whole.

What products does your company manufacture?

GED manufacturers automation equipment and software for manufacturing high-quality, residential vinyl windows. We provide insulating glass unit (IGU) and glass equipment as well as systems for manufacturing vinyl frames and sashes. Our objectives include: reducing labor issues through automation and robotics, providing knowledge through our software solutions and addressing total cost of manufacturing through innovation and new product development.

Give a brief history of your professional background and how you originally became involved in the industry.

My industrial sales and marketing experience began while at Rockwell Automation and was refined with subsequent positions as managing partner of Hilty Moore & Associates, a strategic, industrial marketing consulting firm; as Director – Corporate Marketing at Millwood, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of pallets, packaging products and material handling systems; and finally, when I joined GED Integrated Solutions.

What accomplishment are you most proud of regarding your work as an AAMA member?

I am fairly new to the organization, but I am proud to have joined the Marketing Steering Committee. This is an area where I can provide and apply my expertise in Industrial Marketing and with past associations (MHI, which is the Material Handling Industry association and Packaging and Machinery Manufacturers Institute).

Where do you see the fenestration industry in the next 10 years?

More automation, robotics and software. I would also imagine that the industry will continue to develop new materials and processes that improve product quality while producing them with as few labor resources and costs as possible. I also see a deeper interconnection of the equipment and the data to speed up the process and to track product from the initial production to the home owner’s installation.

How can the industry work together to be more successful?

This obviously is directed towards the value of AAMA. The networking opportunities, standards and educational sessions are of high value that allow us all to work together more successfully.

What advice do you wish someone would have given you as you began your career?

Get as involved in the industry as possible. Visit customers as much as possible. Think big and take action! Sometimes you need to make a mistake to see what is right.

What is the best advice you’ve received in your career so far?

Be honest and do what you think is right.

Who has been most influential for you in your professional life?

My dad. In my opinion, he was a successful business person (now retired) who never comprised his integrity. He made several hundred employees successful and happy while guiding the company, he worked for, to significant financial success.